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I’m a lightning-fast learning, constantly improving student who just graduated as Salutatorian from Mountain Brook High School. I’m headed to The University of Alabama on a full scholarship in the fall.
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You’re Majoring In What?
I’m pursuing a dual degree in MIS and Piano Performance. It’s an unusual combo, but it unites my diverse passions together. Plus, two degrees cost the same as one!
Home Is Where The School Is
I was homeschooled for the first sixteen years of my life. The extra flexibility gave me time to truly master core subjects and dive deep into my other interests.
My Favorite Tech Company
I’m obsessed with Apple. Not just the iPhones and Macs themselves, but the product events, advertising campaigns, and innovative store architecture.
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I have 400 hours to work this summer, and I can make the most of that time by interning at Kinetic.
Yes, this site was made entirely by me :)